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Business card design

Business card design

Business cards are essential for everyday business communication. They can significantly improve or spoil the impression you leave on your business partners when making first contacts.

Handmade business cards leave a particularly bad impression, so you try to avoid situations such as: “this was a business card of a colleague who is on maternity leave, it’s my handwritten name, contacts are fine” or “we moved, the old address is crossed out, and I wrote a new one on the back, as well as new phones “. To prevent such problems, DO NOT accept print offers for 1,000 or more business cards. Do REALLY as much as you need, when you need it. Our design allows you to change contact information and then reprint a new quantity. Our services save you a lot of money, especially in the long run, and allow you to have business cards with current information.


This portfolio page represents only a small part of the services I have realized for this client, for more details feel free to contact me.