Prezident Bar & Restaurant

This time I had a situation where in an ultra short time I had to create a brand from scratch…


This time I had a situation where in an ultra short time I had to create a brand from scratch.
It started in a slightly weirder order than usual. It started with the site because the restaurant opened in a few days, so there was no time for a more detailed redesign of the logo, and the owners opted for the existing logo with the addition of arabesque patterns.


The owner exclusively wanted to keep the name President, so we simply added a subheading to the second line that unequivocally represents the services of the restaurant and bar. Above the hotel logo, a recognizable arabesque has been added as a symbol of luxury and sophistication.




In an incredibly short time, it was necessary to create menus so that all guests of the restaurant could get an impression of the offer. In addition to menus, billboards, flyers, drink cards, normative books, envelopes, leaflets, invitations, packaging, signposts…


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