Business card design

A business card is the first presentation of your company to potential clients and therefore it must be done as professionally as possible. A business card should immediately provide the interlocutor with all the necessary information and that is why the design of a business card is an extremely complex procedure. Exchanging business cards in the business world comes to him as a handshake – that is the moment when the first (and most important) impression of you as a professional is formed. Marketing experts point out that already during this ritual first meeting, the sales process begins, which, as we all know, is based on positioning in relation to the competition and emphasizing one’s own comparative advantage and irreplaceability.

That is why the business people who hire me are completely self-confident when it comes to business card design. I present you one of my latest solutions for the company Ecomade.


This portfolio page represents only a small part of the services I have realized for this client, for more details feel free to contact me.