Print Design

Why a Great Company Needs Great Print Design

Expand your corporate identity.

Printed marketing materials are a great way to spread information about your company. With my services you can get started with customized postcards, book cover designs, label designs, corporate flyers, brochures and various other forms of printed materials that will help you get your message out. Whether you are promoting an offer to new customers or simply need a brochure to place in your office, you can make a great impression with high-quality personalized designs.

Why a Great Company Needs Great Print Design

Every company has services they offer to their customers. Whether your business is retail, creative, law or construction, you need a way to convey what you have to offer to your target audience. My affordable print design services give you a polished way to do this. Get in touch with our team in Miami today!

When you have printed materials to offer your clients, you give them something tangible they can keep coming back to when they need to reference something about your business. Do you need a brochure or an entire portfolio of print design products? You’ve come to the right place! With my original designs and money-back guarantees,I can assist you using our online services to develop all of your corporate identity design needs.

Using Online Graphic Design to Enhance Your Corporate Identity

What is corporate identity? Think of it as your business’s public image. Every piece of marketing or design you put out impacts your corporate identity. If you have shoddy design, it will impact you in a negative way. That’s why it’s vital to produce your print marketing materials in a professional manner.

The Benefits of Corporate Identity Packages

Do your customers know who you are? When you use printed marketing materials, you have a chance to tell them in a way that will serve as a reminder for a long time to come. Portable materials, such as postcards or brochures, travel with your potential customers. They might put these papers in a folder, a purse or a briefcase, then pull them out for reference weeks or months later, offering a physical reminder of your services and encouraging them to give you a call.

Other advantages of offering printed marketing materials include:
  • They give you something to hand out at conferences, meetings or networking events.
  • They have space for outstanding graphic design, helping to set your company apart from the competition.
  • They encourage movement between platforms — you can direct people to your website from your brochures and vice versa.
  • They look clean and professional, improving your reputation for quality.


Step-by-step. How you can work with our designers.

1. Date of Delivery

As soon as you have filled out the evaluation form and returned it to me, you will be contacted to determine second step.

2. Presentations

Initially you will receive 2 or 3 design concepts, each one crafted in a different way, yet each retaining the core essence of your company

3. Revisions

When you have decided on your concept, you will receive 4-7 versions of the original concept with one working day.

4. Final Files Delivered

Once you have selected the final design, you will receive the original files (Cdr, Ai, Psd or HTML) and fonts in a zip file.