Hakovan sajt

Having a non-optimized website is as useless as taking a shower before exercising.
And you are so much smarter than that!

Improper SEO. WordPress vulnerability. Bad links. Security holes that affect your customers…

You just can’t let that happen! This is bad for you and your site. That’s why we want to help you sweeten your site so that Google adores you.

You have the honor of ranking high in Google search, above your potential competition. That’s great news. And when do people come to your site? Let’s make sure everything is good enough to keep your visitors and turn them into your customers or clients.

This website was created for the needs of the Serbian market. The basic idea is to quickly find a solution for hacked sites based on WordPress CMS.


This portfolio page represents only a small part of the services I have realized for this client, for more details feel free to contact me.