Email marketing

Stay ahead of the competition and deliver your message in style to your existing and prospective customers


I use leading software in the industry to design and build tangible email campaigns, offering a complete service to our clients; crafting creative content, and eloquently delivering your brand’s message.

This service includes the provision of one-time campaign newsletters or an ongoing solution for multiple campaigns on email marketing system.

In the business world, email is one of the most commonly used forms of communication. Currently, about 89 billion business emails are sent worldwide daily, but only 14 percent are considered important. With excess spam and unnecessary notifications, it’s not always easy to go through the noise and open emails and read. Here are five tips for optimizing your efforts and writing an email that gets answers. You can find out how I create mail in the five steps listed below:

1) Create the subject of the message so that it sounds interesting

When a person receives an email in their inbox, the only information that is transmitted and immediately visible is the person who sent the message and the subject of the message. In order for the mail to ever open in the first place, it is crucial that you attract your attention through an attractive topic. Ideally, you will include the recipient’s name, as this is the current response. You should also make a title that is relatively short and that will arouse their interest.

2) Be friendly and personal

When the recipients who open the email go through the first phase, they will usually read the first few sentences to decide whether they want to read the whole thing or not. If it looks like it is not personal or sounds generalized, there is a good chance that the recipient will not read the entire email. So you should be friendly and state who you are and why you are sending them an email. Whenever you get a contact person from a common source, it is wise to state who that source is and your relationship to them. Be sure to customize your email as much as possible.

3) Be short and clear

In the age of information, many people have scattered attention like in a nest and do not want to read through long-lasting content. Accordingly, it is important to gather all your information in as little text as possible. Get to the point as soon as possible and don’t waste time with unnecessary upgrades and you’ll probably create an email that will get answers. Remember that if there is more information that needs to be considered in more detail, you can always mention it through correspondence.

4) Create easily digestible text

Making text easy to read is very important, and there are three main rules for formatting. First, the information needs to be broken down into logical items that separate your thoughts. Secondly, each paragraph should not contain more than three sentences, because it makes it easier for the eyes. Third, if you include a list of any kind, it is wise to format them as bullets or numbers to speed up the processing and absorption of information.

5) Look for an answer

Lastly, you need to kindly ask the person for follow up or feedback. You might close the email by saying something like “please let me know as soon as possible” or “I’m looking forward to your reply.” This simple step can greatly increase the chances of your email receiving responses.

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of keeping in direct contact with your customers, helping you to retain that already hard-earned client-base. With the increase in communication comes an increase in opportunity for brand awareness, using our digital marketing expertise such as SEO and PPC, I can help to develop your subscriber lists naturally so that the recipients are genuinely interested in your brand, leading to natural conversions, offering one of the highest returns on investment compared with any other channel.

Email Campaign ReportingI use email marketing software which contains analytics meaning you can see exactly who opened the email, where they clicked and what actions they performed whilst still within the email. With this directly fed into Google Analytics, you can trace any event leading to a transaction, form fill, or other conversion on site.